Confagricoltura and Assoprol 

Their role in the Planet O-live project is twofold: on the one hand, they connect Costa d’Oro with the most cutting-edge olive growers who can make a difference for pilot projects and with the prospect of informing their network of a total of about 80,000 olive enterprises; on the other hand, they represent the lobby of olive growers and academics and can collect their demands and bring them to institutional venues.

Confagricoltura’s wine and olive sector manager Palma Esposito, and Assoprol Umbria’s director Dr.Gianfrancesco Petroni are also actively contributing to Planet O-live.

Palma Esposito

Head of the Wine and Olive Sector of Confagricoltura. She began her career path after a master’s degree in Wine Marketing from the OIV – International Organization of Vine and Wine – at the University of California and a PhD in Agricultural Economics and Policy from the University of Naples Federico II.


In the Planet O-live Academy, Confagricoltura’s role is to spread the culture of sustainability, both in environmental and in economic and social terms, and to encourage the participation of member companies in the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies project, starting from an audit of companies’ needs and problems

Gianfrancesco Petroni

Director of Assoprol Umbria, responsible for territorial area at Confagricoltura Umbria.

For Planet O-live Academy of Costa d’Oro he collaborates as part of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies’  project to identify entrepreneurial agricultural realities in the area, encourage and disseminate their participation in the research project and raise their awareness of the importance of adopting more advanced procedures in the direction of sustainability.

Active Projects


The ‘Sartorial’ olive growing of the Sant’Anna school of advanced studies – Pisa    

PARTNER: Sant’Anna – Pisa

Zero pesticide residues

PARTNER: Sant’Anna di Pisa, SGS Italia