The ‘Sartorial’ olive growing of the Sant’Anna school of advanced studies – Pisa    

The ‘Sartorial’ olive growing of the Sant’Anna school of advanced studies – Pisa    

The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Pisa in the Planet O-live Academy has the role of collaborating in customized pilot projects-like a tailor-made product-on individual olive growers, transferring cutting-edge practices to improve both the sustainability and     quality and of olive production.

These virtuous practices will then be disseminated in the Confagricoltura and Assoprol networks and will form the Sustainable Olive Growing Manifesto.


To offer a selected number of farms belonging to Confagricoltura and Assoprol the opportunity to access the latest knowledge under the guidance of the Sant’Anna School team with the aim of implementing a sustainability pathway in olive growing and measuring the results

The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Pisa constitutes, together with the University of Perugia, our Planet O-live Academy charged with establishing and disseminating guidelines for sustainable olive growing.

Representing the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies team in this project is Prof. Sebastiani.

In this collaboration, we are all aware that we need to have a very practical and concrete approach in order to make progress from an environmental and social point of view, but also economically: in fact, the new guidelines must improve not only the quality and sustainability of the product, but also its economic performance for the entire category of producers.

Activities began by meeting with farms in their areas to identify their needs; so far, 13 of them have been visited throughout Italy. For each one, the production process was examined: cultivation method, structural characteristics of the planting, agronomic management (pruning, fertilization, irrigation, ripening and harvesting), mineral nutrient cycle and flows.

These initial activities made it possible to identify the most keenly felt problems and to define areas of intervention in which our Academy can accompany the farms concerned:

  1. Agronomic management
    Planning new intensive plantings, pruning for better yield, composting pruned branches, intercropping of legumes and grasses, yield vs. fertilization needs, yield vs. irrigation needs, yield and ideal harvest time;
  2. Recovery of abandoned olive groves
    Reconversion for production, landscape and hydrogeological restoration, wild herbs for food and livestock      in olive groves, tourism, landscape and education initiatives, carbon credit market, consumer adoption of olive groves.
  3. Human Resource Management
    Staff training for agronomic operations, sharing of human resources between farms, consolidating employment throughout the year, and integration of the differently abled into the farm.
  4. Lobby – Confagricoltura and Assoprol
    Varietal selection for superintensive, Genetic improvement of olive tree, Carbon credits.

Prossimi passi

We are collecting applications from farms interested injoining us on this sustainable development path, collaborating with the Academy and its experts. These companies will receive ideas for customized interventions and will be able to share their progress and results. To finish, we will prospect further strategies to continue to improve and find new partners and funding.


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