Our Committee

The Scientific Committee of Planet O-live Academy defines the strategic choices and actions of Costa d’Oro sustainable agriculture plan.

Two Italian academic excellencies are part of it: the research team of Prof. Sebastiani at the Crop Science     Research Center of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Pisa and the research team of Prof. Servili at the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences of the University of Perugia. Alongside them Confagricoltura, Assoprol, and an internal Costa d’Oro team

The Academy’s scientific Committee aims to develop knowledge and skills specifically in two areas: sustainable agronomic management and virgin olive oil extraction technology and quality.


Agronomy is the set of disciplines concerned with the application of scientific principles to agriculture: by increasing our know-how in this field we can succeed in optimizing the production of extra virgin olive oil with a view to economic and environmental sustainability, with total respect for nature.

Mechanical oil extraction

Mechanical oil extraction, on the other hand, is the stage of production by which virgin olive oil is obtained from olives. It is a key stage in obtaining high-quality virgin oils and ensuring the economic and environmental sustainability of the olive-oil supply chain. The Academy’s advanced knowledge at this stage is used to make the process more efficient and encourage the enhancement of the processing’s by-products, such as vegetation waters, being rich in polyphenols can be used for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes

We believe that in a sustainability journey, scientific and inclusive input are fundamental, that is why we want to share every recommendation and knowledge of our Academy with all the actors in oil production, to bring value to the entire supply chain


Join us. Let’s build a new planet together