Together to achieve our sustainable development goals

The SDGs are the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN to safeguard the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants, established in 2015 and to be achieved by 2030. Businesses around the world play a key role and are called to new responsible business models combining innovation and sustainability.


In particular, SDG17 refers to Goal 17, which is about creating and strengthening global partnerships for sustainable development. We  too are aware that no single company or individual can achieve goals that affect the entire planet alone: only working together can make a difference.

That is why we are committed to making our contribution by working closely and continuously with institutions, organizations and stakeholders to address the challenge of sustainable development and promote a better future for all.

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa – Crop Science Research Center

The Crop Science Research Center develops scientific activities covering different aspects (from production to preservation) of the plant-based food supply chain. The main goal is to enable the production of safe and high-quality food for a growing world population, in the context of climate change and considering the need to produce with less environmental impacts.

UniPG - Department of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences (DSA3), active since 2014, promotes the training of agri-food operators and the advancement of agro-industry through studies and experimental research to improve knowledge for modern agri-food supply chains. Not only to meet the technical needs of production, but also to ensure safe and quality food, to protect the environment and landscape, and to organize and manage the economic and cultural development of territorial systems.     


Confagricoltura is the oldest organization for the protection and representation of agricultural enterprises: it is committed to their development, encouraging their access to innovation and sustainability. It has more than 400,000 companies and of these 80,000 are olive growers.


Part of Confagricoltura, it is the Organization of Olive Producers of Umbria, which brings together more than 800 members including farms and mills, and represents a significant percentage of Umbria’s extra virgin olive oil production.

Their Mission is to enhance the olive products of the Umbrian territory, supporting companies in the cultivation, processing, and marketing activities.

Le Olivastre

Founded in 2014 on the initiative of three women who decided to reclaim a centuries-old olive grove, left untended on the hills of Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, Le Olivastre later became an association for the recovery, protection, and promotion of uncultivated or abandoned land in the area


FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano – is a nonprofit foundation established     in 1975 with the aim of doing something concrete to protect, preserve and enhance Italy’s historical, artistic, and     natural heritage. 


Our 4 Pillars

We have identified 4 macro-commitments for sustainability:
for each, we have defined goals and designed ad hoc activities.


Join us. Let’s build a new planet together