Why Planet O-live

Our path of
sustainable development

We have always been aware that, as actors in the extra virgin olive oil supply chain, we have great responsibilities: towards our territory and more generally towards the environment and consumers. More about our vocation.

In particular, in this era of great environmental alarm, we want to increase our commitment to safeguarding the planet, to protecting and enhancing our sector, and to guaranteeing the market a high-quality extra virgin olive oil that is obtained through environmentally, socially and economically sustainable practices.      This      is why we have been working on a collective and inclusive sustainable development pathway that we have called Planet O-live.

Each step of our journey is guided by a Scientific Committee made up of top olive-growing experts, able to define, disseminate and enforce guidelines for sustainable, productive and high-quality agriculture.

Only in this way sustainable olive growing can be a common good and a benefit for all

Ma la nostra responsabilità non si ferma qui: l’obiettivo è naturalmente anche quello di garantire un olio di oliva che continui ad essere di alta qualità senza andare a discapito della sostenibilità e, viceversa, che oltre ad essere etico e sostenibile sia in grado di soddisfare i palati più esigenti e rappresenti il meglio del made in Italy.

Why “Planet O-live”

Planet O-live means Planet of the alive-olive” and evokes a new dimension of olivegrowing, not only more sustainable, but also more experienced, and more participated by all.

Everyone, through small or large concrete actions, can take part and contribute to the change: scientific institutions,  category   associations, farmers, oil millers, producers  and consumers. Discover our Partners

Planet O-live also becomes a new social dimension  where, aware of the urgent need to work for a more nature-friendly agriculture, People join a real movement, positive, inclusive, and beneficial to all.    


Join us. Let’s build a new planet together