to Planet O-live

Our journey of sustainable development

Planet O-live is the planet we want to build with everyone’s help, where People collaborate and      play an active role for the growth of the olive oil sector. 

A concrete and shared commitment, that aims to protect the Earth, respecting People and ensuring an excellent and ethical product whose value is recognised by all.


4 Pillars

For our sustainability journey, we have identified 4 focus areas and for each one a set of concrete actions to promote deep change.


The Academy

The Scientific Committee guide our steps,  brings together  top experts in the olive sector to define and disseminate the guidelines for sustainable agriculture to the entire supply chain.


Our Partners

Together we are stronger: all our projects are supported and developed in collaboration with the best professionals in the reference sectors.


Who we are

For more than half a century we have been producing quality extra virgin olive oil, appreciated all over the world, with the root values of respect for the Earth and People.

Since 2018 we have been part of Avril, the 3rd



For us, sustainability is not only a goal but also a lifestyle, which makes us feel good. Thus we want to share it with everyone through inspirations and tips for a more authentic and fuller life.


Academy Calendar

Tutti gli appuntamenti con il nostro Comitato scientifico

Visit the Costa d’Oro

It all starts here: from our Costa d’Oro, the Umbrian  hill of olive oil, colored by many centuries-old olive groves. For us, it is not only home, but also a source of inspiration and energy for our sustainable development path.


Join us. Let’s build a new planet together